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Flower Meanings & Symbolism March 7, 2009

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Choosing your colors and picking your wedding flowers are some of the most enjoyable decisions you will get to make when planning your wedding. And while most people no longer know the meanings attributed flowers, it can be both interesting and helpful to know their symbolism.

The following list of flowers was developed by the Society of American Florists. The first definition is based on their research, any following flower meanings or symbolisms has been compiled from miscellaneous other sources. You will find there are variations among the definitions, so don’t make any radical decisions just because of what the list says!

Alstroemeria: aspiring
Amaryllis: dramatic, pride
Anemone: fragile
Apple Blossom: promise
Aster: contentment, symbol of love, daintiness
Azalea: abundance, fragile passion
Baby’s Breath: festivity,
Bachelor Button: anticipation, single blessedness
Begonia: deep thoughts, beware
Black-Eyed Susan: encouragement,
Calla Lily: regal
Camellia: graciousness
~Pink: gratitude, I’ll never forget you
~Red: flashy, admiration
~Striped: refusal
~White: remembrance, innocence, pure love
~Yellow: cheerful,
Casablanca Lily: celebration
~Bronze: excitement
~White: truth
~Red: sharing
~Yellow: secret admirer
Cosmos: peaceful
Crocus: foresight
Daffodil: chivalry, respect
Daisy: boldness, loyal love
Day Lily: enthusiasm,
Freesia: innocence
Forget-Me-Not: spirited, true love, good memories
Gardenia: joy, you are lovely
Geranium: comfort, folly
Ginger: proud
Gladiolus: strength of character, flower of the gladiators
Heather (Lavender): solitude, admiration
Holly: domestic happiness, defense
Hyacinth: sincerity, flower dedicated to Apollo
Hydrangea: perseverance
Iris: inspiration
Ivy: fidelity
Jasmine: grace and elegance
Larkspur: beautiful spirit
Lavender: distrust
Lilac: first love
Lisianthus: calming
Magnolia: dignity
Marigold: desire for riches
Nasturtium: patriotism
Orange Blossom: fertility
Orchid: delicate beauty
Pansy: loving thoughts
Passion: flower passion
Peony: healing
Poppy: consolation
Queen Anne’s Lace: delicate femininity
Ranunculus: radiant
Rhododendron: beware
~Pink: friendship
~Red: passionate love
~Red and White: unity, flower emblem of England
~White: purity, you’re heavenly
~Yellow: zealous
Snapdragon: presumptuous
Star of Bethlehem: hope
Stargazer Lily: ambition
Stephanotis: good luck
Statice: success
Sunflower: adoration
Sweetpea: shyness, good-bye
Tuberose: pleasure
~Pink: caring
~Purple: royalty
~Red: declaration of love
~White: forgiveness
~Yellow: hopelessly in love
Violet: faithfulness, modesty
Wisteria: steadfast, welcome
Yarrow: good health
Zinnia: thoughts of friends


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