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Weddings To Inspire: It’s Not Just YOUR Wedding April 22, 2009

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Planning your wedding is one of the most important occasions in a woman’s lifetime, if not the most important. Every bride wants her wedding to be the most beautiful, the most fun, and simply the best. It’s understandable that it is your wedding and you want everything to be perfect. However, it is very tempting for brides to forget about their guests and to only tend to their wants and needs. This momentary “It’s MY Wedding” attitude may make you happy at the time, but the repercussions from your bridal party, future in-laws, and guests may be long-lasting. There are a handful of suggestions that I usually make to my brides in order to make your guests happy so that they enjoy the day as much as you do.

1. Gift Baskets For Out-Of-Town Guests: This is a wonderful way to let your out-of-town guests to know they are appreciated for traveling all of this way, and to welcome them to the area. It is important to make them feel comfortable in an unfamiliar place since they have traveled (usually at their own expense). There are several things to include in the gift basket: The most important is a map of the area, the most efficient public transportation info, and a short note of appreciation. You can also add items that are from the specific area and businesses where they are staying. Perhaps consider brochures for parks or local attractions. Gift baskets don’t have to be huge or a lot of work; just something to help your guests feel at ease.

2. Bridesmaid’s Input On Dresses: Once in a while your bridesmaids will be less than thrilled with the dress you have chosen for them. Just because it looks amazing on the mannequin doesn’t mean it will look as great on your bridesmaids due to the fact that they have real curves. While you could use your carte blanche “It’s MY Wedding” argument, please consider that having a happy bridesmaid is cause for having beautiful wedding photos. Otherwise, you may have whole bunch of photos with women having that “stomach virus” look. Offer dresses in both regular and plus sizes, and allow your friends to choose between at least two dresses in the same color. FYI, there is not a rule that makes it mandatory for everyone to wear the same dress. Don’t be afraid to show some personality and allow your friends to choose what they like. After all, they are stuck with the dress after the wedding.

3. The More Showers The Merrier: While it is usually the Maid of Honor’s job to throw a wedding shower, sometimes other friends/family would like to throw one for you as well. Even though your mother-in-law-to-be invites all of her friends/family and you may not know them, this is the time to play nice. Consider this the time to meet new members of your extended family as you don’t want anyone to feel slighted.

As always, please feel free to ask questions or provide feedback to me at I would love to here from you! And, if you would like to announce your engagement or wedding, contact me or go to and fill out the questionnaire.


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  1. Derek Says:

    Great tips thanks!

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