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Adorable Bunnies For Easter! April 10, 2009

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You can make an adorable washcloth that kids will enjoy helping you make and love to take a bath with. All you have to do is follow these simple steps.

1. Gather needed items:

a.White washcloth
b.Small sized net sponge (If there is a dollar store in your area, that is a great place to find net sponges)
c.2 googly eyes
d.2 pink puffballs, and 1 white puffball
e.Glue gun
f.12 inches of ribbon in desired color

2.Remove the tag on the washcloth with scissors.

3.Place the washcloth on a table so that it looks like a diamond.

4.Roll the corner closest to you to the middle.

5.Roll the opposite corner into the middle.

6.Pick up the washcloth and fold it in half so that you have two ears.

7.Pull out some of the cloth at the fold. Pull and shape until it looks like a rabbit’s head.

8.While pinching the area you want the head to end, take the net sponge, find the string that is usually used to hang the net sponge on a shower head and wrap it around the area you have pinched.

9.If the previous step is done correctly you should have your net sponge attached to the bunny head so that it will be the body. Often the sponges have been flattened a little at the store, so pull on it a little to make it more round.

10.Tie the ribbon over the net sponge string and push it to the side a little so that it is under one of the ears.

11.Glue on the two googly eyes.

12.Glue on the two pink puffballs side by side, then glue on the white puffball in the middle right above the two pink ones for the nose.

Let your child enjoy the new bath toy! Along with adorable Easter gifts, they make great gifts at baby showers or young children’s birthdays. Get creative and see what kind of gifts you can create with this simple project.


Top Your Cake With Fiery Hot Love! March 27, 2009

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I was combing over some of my friends profiles on facebook the other day. A few of them are in various stages of their weddings and constantly post photos of their DIY and other projects. An friend from high school posted these sweet photos of her cake topper. I originally had thought it was DIY, but she later told me that it was being custom-made by

While Helyn specializes in fireman and military toppers that have the illusion of the couple. They look so much like their human couterparts! And, even though this project isn’t exactly DIY, I’m sure the right bride could paint her own topper at the local pottery studio!

Here is a photo of Daphne & John, along with the photos of the cake topper in progress.



Rustic Romance Centerpiece Featuring Water-Activated Beads March 20, 2009

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00000000What You Need:

– One round tray

– One clear square vase

– Water activated beads of your color choice

– Three pillar candles (different sizes)

– Faux branches of your choice

– Faux flower buds of your choice

This is a simple inexpensive centerpiece for your rustic romance reception for under $35.  The miniature beads are formed as the water causes the crystals to expand and form individual pearls.  With several colors to choose from, it’s a quick and easy way to add color to your table.


How To Do Your Own Bridal Makeup March 13, 2009

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For a bride, creating a makeup look is a challenge. You want to look beautiful all day and you need to be photogenic for pictures that will last a lifetime, but you still require a look that is “touchably” soft so you don’t scare your groom!

Bridal makeup artist Sally Van Swearingen says it’s possible to achieve all that, even if you do your own makeup for your special day. Sally has put together Studio Essentials for the Bride, a kit that contains must-have makeup and an instruction booklet. However, you can use your own makeup if you prefer.

Here, she offers tips on achieving your own perfect wedding-day makeup:

* Before you begin, apply antishine liquid powder to chin, nose and forehead, and moisturizer to the rest of your face. Van Swearingen offers Matte Maker in her Studio Essentials line.

* Brides in their 20s and 30s should go for a natural, glowing look using sheer color.

* Brides over 40 need a more neutral look using monochromatic shades.

* The key to creating a flawless look that lasts all day is in the way you apply concealer, highlighter and foundation. “I recommend you get cream-based concealers in two shades (see color tips below for individual skin tones), and then use only the barest amount of foundation,” says Van Swearingen.

*  Use concealer under the eyes and on reddened or darkened areas to even skin tone. Use the highlighter around the eye area, at the brow line and around lips, the sides of the nose and in the cleft of the chin. Gently stroke it on with a makeup brush specially designed for concealers and highlighters (an acrylic artist’s brush works great). Then blend with a sponge. You’ll notice how your face begins to brighten. Now you will need less foundation.

* Use a sheer foundation that matches your skin tone, but use a very small amount, as heavy foundation will accentuate imperfect skin. Use a cream or stick foundation for normal or dry skin and matte liquid for oily skin. A good makeup artist’s rule is to apply about five drops of foundation to your face — one on each cheek, the point of the nose, the middle of the forehead and the chin — then put the container away and blend what is on the face.

* Experiment with lashes to open the eye and add drama. A great way to get that “A-list” star look is to use a strip of faux lashes or individual lashes. This is something you want to spend time practicing before your wedding day. To get the most natural look, pick lashes with an invisible band and trim them to the length of your eye. “Many professional makeup artists prefer individual lashes,” says Van Swearingen, “as they look the most natural. However, lash strips are easier to apply when you are designing your own makeup.” When applying individual eyelashes, pull them in at the outer corners to “lift” the eye rather than applying directly to the lash line. Always use black glue.

* For a youthful glow (if you’re under 40), you may want to try the new creamy luminescent shadows, blushes and highlight sticks. I use two shades that work on any skin tone: mauve and golden bronze. The lighter mauve color is used to highlight the top of the cheekbone and brow bone, and as a light eye shadow base. The bronze color has many uses, from contouring the cheekbone and jaw line to bronzing the décolleté and adding depth to the eyelids. Don’t forget to apply a “gleaming” blush to the apples of the cheeks.

Choosing a Concealer and Highlighter for Your Skin Tone

If your skin tone is pink or olive based:

* Use an amber-yellow-based concealer and vanilla highlighter.

* Start with a creamy luminescent shadow in mauve, bronze-gold or beige-white.

* Experiment to find the color that flatters your skin and eye color. Choose shades that are “dense” in color, meaning they contain lots of pigment. This way a tiny bit of shadow covers easily.

If your skin tone is deeper, medium to dark brown:

* Use a concealer in red-gold-based shade and a highlighter in a warm neutral tone, including warm yellow or amber. (Stay away from blue-based or silvery products.)

* Dark skin tones may need two foundation shades: a deeper shade that matches the tone in the frame of the face and a lighter tone that matches the inner part of the face.

* Use cheek and eye colors in gold, bronze, berry and burgundy.

If your skin tone is yellow based:

Don’t use a pink- or white-based makeup. Use a concealer and highlighter with a warmer, amber base. “Asian brides glow when they use neutral and warm tones,” says Van Swearingen. “Latina brides look beautiful in rich, bold colors, but they must be applied sparingly and blended well.”

* A light dusting of a warm-based powder will set the look and balance the complexion. (It’s a good idea to assign powdering duty to one of your bridesmaids for reapplication throughout the day.)

* To keep lips kissable yet camera ready for hours, first start with a light application of lip sealant. Take the brush out of the bottle and dab a little on the back of the hand. From there, dip your finger into the sealant and stipple onto your lips. Apply sparingly to keep your lip color from cracking. Next, dab on a little bit of highlighter or concealer, blending well. Finally, apply lip liner pencil to the entire lip.

* As for lip color, don’t choose a bright color that will detract from your eyes. Use rich, deep shades, like mauve browns, burgundies or classic reds.

* Get brows professionally shaped about a week before your wedding, and check for strays two days before. “You don’t want to pluck brows the morning of your wedding,” says Van Swearingen. “You could create redness or irritation.”

* For an elegant look, further define your brows by shading in at the top of the brow, using a very narrow brush with a slanted cut and matching brow powder. If you have sparse brows, you may want to darken them a shade or two by having them tinted at a local salon a few days before your wedding.

* To apply eye shadow, use three colors — light, medium and deep. The light shade goes on the lid from lash to brow line. The medium shadow goes in the crease or just above the crease. And the deep shade goes on the outside corner of the eye and can be used as an eyeliner. Tip: Never line around the entire eye unless you have huge eyes. Lined eyes will look smaller.

* Apply two coats of waterproof mascara. For a beautiful, elegant look, use more mascara near the base of the lashes and less at the tips. Hint: Deep navy mascara brightens the whites of the eyes.

* To prevent shine, apply an antishine liquid powder to your nose, chin and forehead. (You may want to use a little on the groom too, for the pictures.)

* If you’re over 40, always use gloss layered on top of any lip color, which gives a youthful look. Avoid matte lipstick because it can be aging.

* Don’t forget your best beauty feature on your wedding day… SMILE!