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Weddings To Inspire: It’s Not Just YOUR Wedding April 22, 2009

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Planning your wedding is one of the most important occasions in a woman’s lifetime, if not the most important. Every bride wants her wedding to be the most beautiful, the most fun, and simply the best. It’s understandable that it is your wedding and you want everything to be perfect. However, it is very tempting for brides to forget about their guests and to only tend to their wants and needs. This momentary “It’s MY Wedding” attitude may make you happy at the time, but the repercussions from your bridal party, future in-laws, and guests may be long-lasting. There are a handful of suggestions that I usually make to my brides in order to make your guests happy so that they enjoy the day as much as you do.

1. Gift Baskets For Out-Of-Town Guests: This is a wonderful way to let your out-of-town guests to know they are appreciated for traveling all of this way, and to welcome them to the area. It is important to make them feel comfortable in an unfamiliar place since they have traveled (usually at their own expense). There are several things to include in the gift basket: The most important is a map of the area, the most efficient public transportation info, and a short note of appreciation. You can also add items that are from the specific area and businesses where they are staying. Perhaps consider brochures for parks or local attractions. Gift baskets don’t have to be huge or a lot of work; just something to help your guests feel at ease.

2. Bridesmaid’s Input On Dresses: Once in a while your bridesmaids will be less than thrilled with the dress you have chosen for them. Just because it looks amazing on the mannequin doesn’t mean it will look as great on your bridesmaids due to the fact that they have real curves. While you could use your carte blanche “It’s MY Wedding” argument, please consider that having a happy bridesmaid is cause for having beautiful wedding photos. Otherwise, you may have whole bunch of photos with women having that “stomach virus” look. Offer dresses in both regular and plus sizes, and allow your friends to choose between at least two dresses in the same color. FYI, there is not a rule that makes it mandatory for everyone to wear the same dress. Don’t be afraid to show some personality and allow your friends to choose what they like. After all, they are stuck with the dress after the wedding.

3. The More Showers The Merrier: While it is usually the Maid of Honor’s job to throw a wedding shower, sometimes other friends/family would like to throw one for you as well. Even though your mother-in-law-to-be invites all of her friends/family and you may not know them, this is the time to play nice. Consider this the time to meet new members of your extended family as you don’t want anyone to feel slighted.

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Weddings To Inspire ~ Article 003 ~ Brides Are Going Green! April 11, 2009

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tsi-green-wedding-articleThe two most popular trends that I am seeing more and more often are smaller budgets and eco-friendly weddings.  Today, I would like to discuss the latter of the two and delve into the refreshing world of ‘green’ products and projects for your big day!  Being eco-friendly is all about recycling, so let me teach you some fun and inspiring ways to recycle and make your event truly amazing!
Being from the South, I am assuming that everyone knows of Mason jars.  If you are considering a rustic country wedding outdoors, you can always use these to make the most romantic luminaries to scatter around the reception area.  You can attach wire around the tops and hang them from your fence or trees.  Or, you can wrap ribbons around them and use them as centerpieces on your guests’ tables surrounded by pine cones or filled with fresh wildflowers.  Also, if you want to light that slightly dim garden path, feel free to place tea lights inside and line them along the pathway.
Try going around to old barns or homes and find window frames that are still solid and even a bit rustic looking.  Take plywood and nail it in to the backside of the frame.  Then, go to your local craft store and purchase the chalkboard paint or spray.  Once you paint the plywood on the inside of the frame, you will have this wonderfully rustic board that you can write the reception menu on and display for your guests.
If you are going for a more elegant look, but would like to help Mother Earth as well, you can always use the natural recycled papers that are available on the market.  From cardstock to invitations to place cards, there are a plethora of choices in recycled papers.  I have two favorites which consist of seedlings and flower petals.  Those that include the seedlings worked into the hand-made papers have the ability to be planted.  Whereas those that have the flower petals sometimes give off a pleasurable floral perfume.  These can also be used as favors made into bookmarks and such.

Now, if you’re looking for the best wedding favor that helps the environment and makes for a sincerely brilliant gift that keeps giving for years to come, I have just what you are looking for!  The Arbor Day Foundation has the most unique gift for any bride to give to her guests.  Inside a small plastic tube with your own customized label are these hardy evergreen trees that can be planted outdoors when weather permits.  And since they are still saplings, they can be stored in your refrigerator or grown indoors for months.  You can choose from Redwoods, Pines, or Spruces for only $3 each.  And, the recyclable tube converts into a birdfeeder after the tree is planted!
I hope that a few of these inspire you to make your wedding or event a bit more eco-friendly.  If you ever have questions or just want to leave a comment, please feel free to email me at  Who knows?  Maybe I will answer them here in Weddings To Inspire!
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“Weddings To Inspire” ~ The Saturday Independent – Article 002 – “Love Is Sweet” April 10, 2009

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LOVE IS SWEET:  Creating Your Own Candy Buffet

One of the latest trends in today’s weddings is the candy buffet; a unique, creative and fun favor that will keep your guests talking!

Before designing your candy buffet, keep in mind that it is an added expense and must be included in your wedding budget.

The golden rule is to buy enough candy!  Plan by the eye not the number of guests.  The most successful candy buffets are those that are planned by the size of the tables and size of the containers on the table.  To make the table look amazing, you should choose between 5 and 10 types of candy, and buy 15 to 20 pounds of each, whether you need it or not.  An overflowing table of candy has presence.

This self-serve buffet can be personalized for your wedding and adds fun to any reception.  You can choose from a variety of colored candies such candy sticks, suckers, chocolates, rock candy, gummies, taffy, candy apples, cookies and even Rice Krispy Treats.  Retro candies seem to be popular again.  Feel free to choose your candies by color, theme, or just those that you enjoy most.

If the main color of your wedding is blue, then choose candies from light to dark blue.  Or, if you are having a destination or beach-themed wedding, you could choose Pina Colada jelly beans.

Next, you will want to choose interesting containers of all sorts and sizes that will turn your candy buffet into a jaw-dropping display.  While clear containers are best, they are not a necessity as long as it matches the concept.  You will want to find those that are various sizes and then raise some of them on the table to make it pop!

Don’t forget the metal scoops for the candies that need them such as jelly beans or M&M’s.  As well, you will want to choose small bags or favor boxes for your guests to take home their choice of candies.

For the final touch, find a way to give it that custom touch.  You can add a flower arrangement, candles or even a personalized sign.  One easy and fun idea is to paint large wooden letters and then attach them to a base that reads a slogan such as “Love Is Sweet” or “Kane’s Konfections.”  Also, think about adding a personalized label to each of the containers.

This trend is very nostalgic and powerfully reminiscent.  Make your wedding memorable by putting together your own personalized candy buffet!