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“Weddings To Inspire” ~ The Saturday Independent – Article 002 – “Love Is Sweet” April 10, 2009

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LOVE IS SWEET:  Creating Your Own Candy Buffet

One of the latest trends in today’s weddings is the candy buffet; a unique, creative and fun favor that will keep your guests talking!

Before designing your candy buffet, keep in mind that it is an added expense and must be included in your wedding budget.

The golden rule is to buy enough candy!  Plan by the eye not the number of guests.  The most successful candy buffets are those that are planned by the size of the tables and size of the containers on the table.  To make the table look amazing, you should choose between 5 and 10 types of candy, and buy 15 to 20 pounds of each, whether you need it or not.  An overflowing table of candy has presence.

This self-serve buffet can be personalized for your wedding and adds fun to any reception.  You can choose from a variety of colored candies such candy sticks, suckers, chocolates, rock candy, gummies, taffy, candy apples, cookies and even Rice Krispy Treats.  Retro candies seem to be popular again.  Feel free to choose your candies by color, theme, or just those that you enjoy most.

If the main color of your wedding is blue, then choose candies from light to dark blue.  Or, if you are having a destination or beach-themed wedding, you could choose Pina Colada jelly beans.

Next, you will want to choose interesting containers of all sorts and sizes that will turn your candy buffet into a jaw-dropping display.  While clear containers are best, they are not a necessity as long as it matches the concept.  You will want to find those that are various sizes and then raise some of them on the table to make it pop!

Don’t forget the metal scoops for the candies that need them such as jelly beans or M&M’s.  As well, you will want to choose small bags or favor boxes for your guests to take home their choice of candies.

For the final touch, find a way to give it that custom touch.  You can add a flower arrangement, candles or even a personalized sign.  One easy and fun idea is to paint large wooden letters and then attach them to a base that reads a slogan such as “Love Is Sweet” or “Kane’s Konfections.”  Also, think about adding a personalized label to each of the containers.

This trend is very nostalgic and powerfully reminiscent.  Make your wedding memorable by putting together your own personalized candy buffet!


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