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Designer Favors For Your Green Wedding! April 2, 2009

Filed under: Daily Inspirations,Meet A Vendor — genesiswse @ 9:55 pm

What’s better than giving a designer favor to your guests?  Well, this particular favor was designed by God himself and a beautiful one it is!  A thoughtful and appreciated gift that will live for generations to come and become a more wonderful gift every day.

Give The Gift Of Trees….

A true reminder of your special day to give to all of your family and friends….from The Arbor Day Foundation.

These hardy evergreen trees (Redwoods, Pines, or Spruces) can be planted outdoors when timing and conditions permit, stored in a refrigerator, or grown for months indoors.  For added personalization, customize your labels with quotes, logos, and sayings of your personal message.  Plus, be totally green by recycling the tube into a birdfeeder after the tree is planted!  *Starting at only $3*



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