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Introducing “Weddings To Inspire” ~ The Saturday Independent – Aricle 001 – Capturing Every Moment March 28, 2009

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* This week’s The Saturday Independent (a local newspaper) began featuring a weekly column called “Weddings To Inspire” written by yours truly.  Take a moment to read over the original article and then view the paper below.*

Capturing EVERY Moment:  A New Trend In Wedding Photography
It’s a once in a lifetime event – your wedding!  And, the memories will mean the most to the both of you.  While you may have already hired a photographer to record all of those special moments from rehearsal to getting ready to the ceremony and reception, they’re not always able to capture the whole picture.  After all, many bring one or two photographers at most in order to capture as much of your wedding as possible; both sentimental and candid shots.
Don’t get me wrong.  I absolutely LOVE the photographers that I have worked with, but they themselves will tell you that they are unable to capture every minute detail such as when your three year old niece was found under the cake table covered in cake and icing.  Or, how about when your grandma decided to do the locomotion just as the photographer decided to take a photo of the both of you cuddled up together at the head table?  The only ones that are able to capture every single detail of every single moment of your wedding are your guests!
So, how do your family and friends help you create the ultimate wedding photo album?
The most traditional form that comes to mind is the purchasing of several disposable cameras that are usually placed on each table at the reception along with a message asking your guests to take photos during the festivities.  At the end of the night, a member of your party gathers them up to take home.  Sometimes the cameras mysteriously disappear, or the guests only used up a few photos and you have to take photos of a chair continually until the film is finished.  From there they are either stored away to be forgotten until a later time, or if you remember, you get them developed which can take a while.
Now, imagine all of your guests being able to take photos of your magical day with their own high quality digital cameras and then downloading them that very same night for you to enjoy on the way to the airport!  Talk about instant gratification!
The Canditto Kiosk is the newest trend for wedding photography on the market.  Some photographers have been known to give the couple a disk of photos that same night, so why not get those candid shots from everyone else’s point of view as well?  Canditto allows your guests to download photos from their own digital cameras to a flash drive located inside the kiosk.  And then, on your way to your Caribbean holiday, you can view those moments that are most memorable to you and your guests!
For more information on the innovative and contemporary digital wonder of Canditto, you can contact me at

The Canditto >>>canditto

Article >>>article1-wti-03-28-2009


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