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Do Something Different! March 18, 2009

Filed under: Daily Inspirations — genesiswse @ 5:15 am

Are you looking for something distinctly different to end your wedding with amazing awe? Check this out!


Celebrate your wedding by launching these spectacular fire balloons. Engage your guests, and make them part of the festivities.

Watch the enchanting lights ascend into the nights sky, – a sight that will be remembered and talked about by you and your guests for years to come.

Wedding Lanterns are the new version, of the traditional ‘Khoom Fay’ Thai Lantern; these have been popular in Thailand for over 1800 years.

Wedding Lanterns are paper-based mini hot air balloons, fuelled by a solid fuel source (unlike others which require the somewhat dangerous task of soaking a wick in lamp-oil or alcohol before use).
Once lit these float off slowly into the distance. Multiple ‘launches’ create a wonderfully romantic effect which remains visible until the lanterns are a dot in the distance.

An excellent display for use at weddings, parties, bbq’s or any other get-together, a very unusual alternative/complement to a firework display (much kinder on the ears too).


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