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Weddings From A Man’s Perspective March 9, 2009

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A wedding ceremony is designed so that the couple can share their joy and profess their commitment to each other in the presence of close friends, family and God. It is no secret that most men would rather spend their Saturday watching a football game then going to a wedding, so why not make the event as attractive as possible for them? The following list is dedicated to all the husbands who have, and will, earn many brownie points by going to weddings!

1. Do not hold your wedding on a three day or holiday weekend!

Three day weekends and holidays are usually set aside for camping, hunting, or family vacations- all of which involve going out of town. It can be very disappointing for the entire family, especially the men, if they find out that they have to cancel their plans to go to a wedding that only lasts a few hours. As a result, weddings on special weekends tend to have poor attendance and many of those who do go would rather be somewhere else.

2. Keep things short and sweet

The general consensus among the male gender is that a wedding ceremony should be in a normal, somewhat predictable order without undue waiting. Men and children are notorious for their short attention spans- do not forget their special needs when planning your ceremony!

3. Minimize distractions

Crying children and crackling sound systems can not only drive men crazy, but everyone else in the audience as well. Consider having a nursery service available for small children. For about $30 you should be able to hire a babysitter and win the affection of many parents! Also, be sure to test your sound system during the rehearsal for both the ceremony and reception. Fuzzy sound can make listening difficult and frustrating for your guests.

4. Remember: food availability is crucial!

If you are serving a meal in particular, the men will be pretty hungry by the time your reception begins. Be sure to have the food ready when guests arrive and proceed in a timely fashion to begin the toasts, cut the cake, and have the special dances. This will allow not only the men, but families as well, to leave early without feeling like they are being rude in the event that they have other engagements.

5. Comfort is of the utmost importance

Do whatever it takes to keep your guests out of the sun for the ceremony. If this means renting a tent or using a different facility- do it! While the women in short-sleeve sun dresses may have to squint and remember their sunglasses, the men in dress pants and suit jackets will be very hot and utterly miserable. Your guests are likely to leave promptly after the ceremony if they exhausted from the sun.


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