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Must Have Wedding Photographs March 8, 2009

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With many brides looking for ways to cut wedding costs, they are turning more and more to friends and family to take their wedding photographs. Thanks to the advances in digital photography and computer editing software, the pictures can often be made equal quality to professional work. Professional photographers can be expensive and charge royalty fees; however, they do typically provide photo editing services, compile beautiful albums, and they are sure to take the essential wedding photographs. Should you decide to not use a professional, be sure to bring a specific list of the photos you would like taken. It is amazing how many seemingly obvious poses are easily overlooked in the excitement of the whole wedding event! The following list is comprised primarily of more traditional poses- remember to choose those that are important to you and give them to your photographer!

Before the Ceremony:

Bride/Groom and immediate family
Bride/Groom and siblings
Bride/Groom and parents
Bride/Groom and grandparents
Bride/Groom and both fathers
Bride/Groom and both mothers
Bride/Groom and flower girl and ring-bearer (both together and separate)
Bride and bridesmaids
Bride and maid-of-honor
Bride and her father
Groom and groomsmen
Groom and man-of-honor
Groom and his mother

During the Ceremony:

Each groomsman and bridesmaid as they walk to the alter
Groom waiting for bride
Flower girl and ring-bearer as they walk
Bride and her father as they walk down the isle
Father giving away bride
Exchange of rings
Kiss to seal the vows
Presentation of new couple

After the Ceremony:

New couple alone (at the alter and in front of church)
New couple and immediate family
New couple and siblings
New couple and parents
New couple with immediate family (his, hers, then both)
New couple and grandparents
New couple and flower girl and ring-bearer
New couple and bridesmaids
New couple and groomsmen
New couple and bridesmaids and groomsmen
New couple and extended family (each side separately, then all together)
New couple in car window as they drive away
New couple with bouquet in background and left hands in foreground

Please help develop this list by adding any special photos not listed!


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