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Alternative Aisles February 23, 2009

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Forget the plain white runner. Here, a few novel ideas to grace your path


Leaves: Scatter fall foliage down your autumn trail.

Pumpkins: Line the aisle with illuminated jack-o’-lanterns.

Faux snow: Want a winter wonderland without the freeze factor? Make an aisle out of imitation snow ($19.95 for one pound at, flanked with urns of white birch branches.

Rose petals: Try a blanket of the real McCoy or the inexpensive silk variety ($175 for 10,000 petals at

Bamboo: To lend an authentic touch to tropical-themed weddings, use runner-width tatami mats of bamboo, reeds, or straw.

Pine needles: Fashion a forest by padding your aisle with fragrant pine needles. Buy in bulk from

Lawn tricks: If you’re marrying in a grassy area, create a custom aisle by rolling a striped pattern into the grass; check out for instructions. Or simply cut a path through a field or meadow. (Get permission first!)

* Photo Credit: Lisa Leigh Photography
* Originally appeared in Brides Magazine


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