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A Wedding For Every Season February 19, 2009

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The question has been popped and you’ve said yes. Now it’s time to pick a date. All the wedding magazines point to a summer date, but you’re not quite sure that is the season for you. Relax! Every season has it’s fair share of weddings, each unique and creative in it’s own style and be sure, there’s one for you! What season to choose? Perhaps you have a favorite time of year or favor a certain climate. Maybe your favorite flower is only available in the spring or you really want a winter themed wedding. Obviously, the time of year you marry during will effect all choices you make, including what you wear, the flowers you choose, even where you hold your event.

002_primary2Summer weddings typically are considered during the months of June, July, and August, and yes, the magazines are right; This is the most popular time of year to get married! There are a lot of reasons as to why brides choose a summer month for their nuptials, weather being the most yielded answer, although for others, the heat, dryness, and humidity are deal breakers. Flowers are also a dominant factor in a summer choice. Vibrant colors, like bold Gerber daisies, bright sunflowers, gorgeous orchids, are all great colors to incorporate into your overall theme, making a striking statement for your guests to admire! Fruits, such as lemons, are a popular way to add flair to your table centerpieces. Is your event being held outdoors? Hang paper lanterns or float candles in a pool or any other body of water available to add intimacy, as day turns into dusk. There is a natural casualness with summer weddings. Beach themes are popular, going barefoot, skipping tuxedos, and enjoying a traditional clambake with your friends and family. Exotic honeymoon hot spots are also a nice bonus to end your wedding festivities.

centerpiece2-goldsticksandorchidsFall weddings typically are considered dates during the months of September, October, and November. Surprisingly, the fall season runs a close second to summer weddings in popularity. And why not? Fall weather can typically be counted on for beautiful Indian summer days, although evenings tend to be chilly, especially as the season comes to an end. Fall definitely is a prime time of the year to take advantage of an outdoor wedding. Leaves are turning and the colors of fall are rich in color; Oranges, yellows, and reds blend nicely with a chocolate background, a hugely popular color trend this year. Utilize the changing fall leaves into your floral design, along with deep hued roses and mums. Incorporating pumpkins, gourds, bales of hay, even apples, into your décor bring the season full circle. Dried flowers and bottles of merlot make simple table centerpieces for your guests. Post summer travel rates and inexpensive decorations are all the more reason to choose fall as your wedding season.

9Spring weddings typically are considered during the months of March, April, and May. The spring season is less popular for weddings than summer or even fall, but does have it’s advantages. Nature once again is setting the stage with your wedding scenery. New flowers, like roses, tulips, and lilies, are blossoming and creating great color to your day. Pinks and sage greens are popular shades of spring. Utilizing these colors in different designed fabrics will add flair to your tables, bouquet ribbons, even in your flower girls hair! Want something more classy? Use silver as your accent color to add that next level of class to your décor. Do note that the weather is changing this time of year, slowly rising to warmer temperatures but can still be temperamental, especially when it comes to light rain. Don’t worry though; Rain on your wedding day represents luck! Vendors tend to be more available and discounts more prevalent this time of year and flowers are extremely low in price due to their abundance. Getting married during the Easter season? See about utilizing your church’s Easter decorations and flowers, saving money on your ceremony decorations and alter flowers.

centerpiece-blackwhiteredWinter weddings typically are considered during the months of December, January, and February. Yes; Winter is the least chosen time of the year to get married but those that disregard the winter season are certainly missing out! You can definitely count on snow and cold weather in a good portion of the United States during this time of year. This may not strike the fancy of some brides although by taking advantage of the snowy landscape, you can create your own personal winter wonderland and create your own seasonal magic!. Choose a traditional theme that incorporates the holiday season into your day with the classic colors of red and green. Shying away from the holiday theme? Go towards the sophisticated elegance of white, silver, and blue. Choosing heavy fabrics like velvet, will bring warmth to both your wedding attire and table decoration. Berries and pine cones can be used as accents regardless of what type of vision you have. Winter is a great time to plan your wedding, especially if you’re a budget conscience bride. Take advantage of decorated churches and low costs all around. By being a winter bride, you know that you’ve scored big on individuality. Regardless of the reasons you choose your season, your day will be special. Why? Because it will be your wedding day. Happy planning and Season’s greetings!

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